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Couples counselling

Do you have difficulty communicating?
Do you feel neglected?
Are you always fighting over finances?

If this sounds like you, you could benefit from couples counselling. Read more

Individual Psychotherapy

John Bacash is a Melbourne based psychologist who specializes in psychotherapy for individuals and couples. He approaches anxiety, depression and relationship issues with compassion and considerable expertise. Contact John

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Individual and Couples' Counselling Psychology Preston Melbourne

John Bacash Psychologist

John’s assumptions about understanding and treating anxiety and depression are based on psychoanalytic principles. However his techniques are not exclusively psychoanalytic.

In a context of empathic listening for client centre therapy he employs Emotion Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

He uses the practice of mindfulness meditation, along with goal setting and psycho-education, to give clients information and concrete skills which can be used on a daily basis at home and work for managing anxiety and depression.

Psychologist in Melbourne - 40 years a trained counsellor.

Typology like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram. Typology can help individuals understand individual differences in experience and styles of problem solving.

The Sixteen Personality Factor Test along with typology for couples. It is especially helpful when used in conjunction with typology in helping couples understand individual differences as complementary; giving meaning to the expression, two become one.

For report writing John uses the Personality Assessment Inventory which is the industry standard for assessing clinical pathology.

The Sixteen Personality Factor Test and typology for helping individuals with vocational issues.

Finally, John is a strong believer in considering the question: ‘Why now?’ What is presented as the problem is often not the real reason a person decided to see a psychologist. Timing is everything.

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