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Downloadable Article Mindfulness Explained

Mindfulness practise helps us to disengage from being consumed and compelled by the question: What am I supposed to do now? Mindfulness practise involves simply identifying our body / felt response in the very moment of feeling confronted by a perceived threat. A perceived threat moment can be the blank-bored eyes of a seemingly disinterested child if you are a teacher or parent. It can be the rejecting stare of a lover or employer in flight. Mindfulness practise involves awareness of one’s body felt response in that perceived-threat moment without recourse to usefulness. It is just awareness for its own sake. Therefore, there is no judgement about relevance of the awareness consciously linking the awareness back to the question: what do I do now? Mindfulness creates a space for your unconscious sense of safety and common sense to inform action in that nothingness or no-agenda space.

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Principal Psychologist

James Lucas Adult and Young person Counsellor

John specializes in psychotherapy for individuals and couples, he also deals with anxiety, depression and relationship issues

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